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Hello Everyone
As the dust settles from the last EMCORE Conference e and as we start to prepare for the next ones in Singapore, London, Bali and Fiji, there is one ECG we did not cover in the quiz, that is important to discuss.
​The ECG below was the last in the Quiz.
I did not give you a history at all, but that is the key here…diagnose with no history. I could add that this is a 67 yo patient with a presentation of SOB, chest tightness and palpitations.
What is the Diagnosis?
(a) Ventricular Tachycardia
(b) Hyperkalaemia
(c) Anterolateral MI
(d) SVT with Bundle Branch Block


(c)  Anterolateral MI
It simply looks ischaemic
​The first thing to do is find where the QRS ends. See below.

Let’s draw lines at where the QRS ends. This is the same process as we used in the ‘Shark Fin’ ECG (Blog coming next week).
When we do this we can see the ST elevation and the depression.
​With that marked, we see that it is an anterolateral MI. See below and watch the brief video.

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