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Fellowship Exam

The Emergency Fellowship Exam, is the last major hurdle to getting those 5 letters next to your name

Fellowship Exam

The new exam format, more than ever, relies on knowledge. Of course, there is some technique involved, but not like before.

The technique now, is in what and how to study for this exam. In a perfect world, you would study everything in the curriculum and be an expert in it. However the exam is not the perfect world.
The skill now, is to understand how each question type relates to the curriculum and lends itself to being asked in a specific way. This is the skill. It’s knowing the high yield areas of study! It’s about working clever!

This course reviews the Adult and Paediatric curriculum over 12 MONTHS, with videos and articles and synopses and over one thousand combined MCQ’s, EMQ’s and SAQ’s, roadblock exams and STRATEGY, as well as Multiple Live, Interactive Webinars, where you know there is someone there guiding you.

12 Months Online Access
Marked Roadblock SAQ Exams
Thousands of MCQS, SAQS & EMQS
A Facebook Community to Discuss Stuff
Live Webinars You can Join In

Emergency Physicians experienced in exam preparation take you through your exam preparation.

How to pass The Fellowship Exam

HEADS UP: The Written Fellowship Exam is yours to pass.

The key to passing is to have strategy and knowledge! I started teaching people the strategies for passing the exam over 15 years ago. You get all the knowledge you want, but if you don’t have an approach to studying, if you don’t have an approach to answering, then you don’t have an approach. From years of working out what works to maximise performance and give outstanding results come the Written Fellowship Course, with videos and lectures and webinars and more MCQ’s than you can do.

This course has an outstanding pass rate that I am very proud of. This isn’t because I’m soooooo clever. It happens because you guys are! You know more than you think you know. When someone finally brings structure and strategy to you, you can’t help but perform well.

OKAY Let’s get on with the video. I recently put on my webinar on How to Pass the Fellowship Exam. A lot of you signed up but due to life, didn’t get there. Here it is again. Enjoy.

PLUS please send this page link to a friend. Help them as well. I hope to see you at one of the courses or as a newly minted FACEM!

Below are some resources that may assist you.

Fellowship Resources

Introduction to the Fellowship Exam

Below you will find a set of resources that will help you pass the Fellowship Exam. There are videos to watch and ECG’s and ABG’s to interpret as well as images and X-rays to review. More are added regularly. Please share these with your colleagues.

These live webinars replace face to face days, because you asked for it! No more travelling, expenses and being away from home. Now we have a constant stream of live, interactive webinars that allow pure immersion from your own study.

All Webinars are recorded, so you can watch them as many times as you wish.
If you’re sitting your Emergency Fellowship exams, or know someone who is, then this is for you!
The single greatest issue that delegates face, is they just get overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start. They have no structure, no direction, nothing that says, we’ll start here and finish there. They don’t feel confident that if they do a set portion of work, that they will have the theory and the technique and what is needed to pass the exam.

Until Now!

This is a 6 month Virtual Course with Weekly VIDEO Lectures, NOTES, and Tests to do. MCQ’s EMQ’s and SAQ’s.
With over 1500 new exam, specific questions in total, in our bank and growing, you will always have material to practice on.

  • Study Strategies for the Exam
  • MCQ and SAQ Exam dissection of answers
  • Own The ABG
  • Own The ECG
  • X-Ray Examination and discussion
  • RoadBlock Exam I: Review and Discussion
  • Administration
  • Psychiatry
  • Own The Investigations
  • RoadBlock Exam II: Review and Discussion
  • T is for Tox
  • Peter Kas’s Matrix of the Exam
  • Q&A x2
  • Pre-Exam issues for discussion

More Resources










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