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About us

Practical emergency medicine, that you can apply immediately!

About Resus

Dr Kas created Resus to be all about practical emergency medicine.

The aim is to distill the contents of this huge field of medicine, into a simpler, decision making set of lectures, that give the evidence, incredible knowledge AND the simplest interpretation of that knowledge, to allow us to get on with the practice of clinical medicine.

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to teach in ways that engage and inspire people to learn.

OUR VISION is to change the way emergency medicine is taught and to reach a worldwide audience so that more patients benefit.

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Dr. Peter Kas

Director Emergency Services Wimmera Healthcare Group
Creator | Convenor EMCORE Conferences

I am an Emergency Physician, with a love for teaching. I started the website over ten years ago because I wanted to make free emergency medicine education of a high calibre available to all. The aim was to concentrate on the big, important, relevant topics that doctors, nurses and paramedics needed to know about.

From this, the EMCORE ( conferences were created. EMCORE stands for Emergency Medicine Core Knowledge and the conferences reflect this. Short, sharp, lectures, that deliver practical information that delegates can use. We have further tried to build in a wellbeing component to our conferences, by having some of them in more exotic locations and setting these up as interactive, specialist level courses that run for an intense 5-6 hours per day, leaving delegates time to relax, absorb, refresh, then start again.


One of my areas of interest is the ECG and to that effect I set up, a website full of instructional videos and ECG examples, that teaches members my ‘ECG in 20 seconds’ method.

We have also generated educational platforms to assist registrars in their Emergency Medicine training by setting up online courses in the Primary Exam (, the Written Fellowship Exam ( and the Clinical OSCE exam (

I continue to generate education and am also an Adjunct Professor at Notre Dame University and have held positions as a Director of Emergency Medical Training.

My goal has always been to provide the highest calibre of teaching possible.