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Primary Exam Course

Be prepared. Learn strategically. Learn the Biggest Topics and Practice with thousands of MCQ’s.

The Primary Written and Viva Courses

Learn the Biggest Topics and Practice

Everyone will tell you that the secret to passing primary exams is to do as many questions as you can. However it’s important to do questions that are of significant quality to test you.

Emergency Medicine

5-20 minute lectures of the most important topics, that will help you pass the exam.

3500 MCQS and Growing!

This is the largest bank of quality MCQs available. More added on a weekly basis.

Exam Strategy

Strategy comes in two forms: how to study to pass and how to answer the MCQs on the day.

The Primary Exam Course concentrates on the big topics and those that will get you the most marks. You will obtain the information to know what you need to, to pass the examination, as well as the knowledge of the important topics that you can take further in your career.

The Primary Exam Course is for those studying…

Emergency Medicine
Intensive Care

… and anyone else wanting to learn in these areas

Primary Exam Online Course

The Primary Exam Online Course covers the big topics that have a high probability of being on the exam.

There are short video lectures for these, followed by QUALITY MCQs to fill in the learning.


  • Brachial Plexus
  • Elbow
  • Cubital Fossa
  • Anatomy of the Hand
  • The Thenar Eminence
  • The Carpal Tunnel
  • The Femoral Triangle
  • The Femoral Sheath
  • The Femoral Canal
  • Compartments of the Leg
  • The Knee
  • The Popliteal Fossa
  • The Ankle
  • The Pleural Reflections
  • The Aorta and branches
  • ​Retroperitoneal Space
  • The Pharynx
  • The Larynx
  • The Carotid Sheath
  • The Heart
  • The Coronary Vessels
  • ​Circle of Willis
  • ​CSF spaces


  • Cardiac Action Potential
  • Pressure Volume Cycle
  • The ECG
  • The Starling Curves
  • H+ Regulation
    • Electrolyte Regulation
    • Na Absorption
    • K Regulation
    • Ca Regulation
    • The Loop of Henle
  • GFR
  • Cerebral Blood Flow
  • Thermoregulation
  • Control of Ventilation
  • VQ
  • Thyroid Hormones
  • Insulin and Glucose
  • CSF production/flow/ reabsorption


  • Hypersensitivity
  • Acute Inflammation
  • Hepatitis
  • Shock
  • Wound Healing
  • Thrombosis
  • Haemostasis
  • DIC
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Anaemia


  • Pharmacodynamics/kinetics
  • Antibiotics
    • Cephalosporins
    • Penicillins
  • Analgesics
    • Paracetamol
    • Aspirin
    • NSAIDS
    • Morphine
    • Fentanyl
    • Ketamine
  • Antiarrhythmics
    • Adenosine
    • Atropine
    • Amiodarone
    • Adrenaline
  • Anti-epileptics
    • Phenytoin
    • Na Valproate
    • Levetiracetam
  • Steroids
  • Propofol
  • Paralytics
    • Suxamethonium
    • Rocuronium
    • Vecuronium
  • GTN
  • Anticoagulants
    • Clexane
    • Warfarin
    • NOACs
  • Vitamin K