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Fellowship Exam Resources

Surgical Education and Training program summative assessment

Fellowship Exam

The Written Fellowship Exam Course takes you over the Emergency Curriculum.

 it is comprised of 24 modules that you have total access to and complete at your own pace. The course comprises Videos, articles ad synopses and thousands of MCQ, EMQ and SAQ questions in total. There are roadblock exams to complete and live Webinars to attend.
Experienced Emergency Physicians, who have written College exams guide you through your preparation and teach you, the most important things you need to know and the strategies you must apply to pass.
12 Months Online Access
Marked Roadblock SAQ Exams
Thousands of MCQS, SAQS & EMQS
A Facebook Community to Discuss Stuff
Live Webinars You can Join In

Don’t let the real exam be the first time you try to apply your knowledge!

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A MegaDay + Virtual Course To Prepare You for the OSCE

The OSCE requires you to have expert knowledge, targeted and effective clinical examination skills as well as being an outstanding communicator.

In the OSCE, we teach you the strategy of maximising every performance, or minimising your fears and using that nervousness for maximum effect. You learn the 4 essentials of OSCE performance.

In the Written you have to put everything down on paper. In the OSCE its about communicating what you know and getting the maximum marks for everything you say.

Are You Prepared for the OSCE?

Primary Exam

The Primary Written and Viva Courses

Passing the Primary examination is about strategy. Not all knowledge is equal. Learning what the most important and regularly asked questions will maximise your results.

Having simple and straightforward video lectures that are short and to the point is essential. Doing MCQs is the basis of all passing. Here we give you more MCQs than you can ever hope to find in one place. The total preparation you need.


Video Lectures of the Most Important Topics


3500 MCQS and Growing!


Exam Strategy