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A 6 week old baby is brought into the ED with Shortness of Breath and Diaphoresis when feeding.
The ECG is shown below.
What are the abnormalities shown?
Take a minute to look at it. Then watch the video below as we go over the diagnosis.

What are the abnormalities?
Here are some hints:

  • What are the T waves doing?
  • Is there ventricular hypertrophy? If so which ventricle(s)?
  • Are there Q waves? If so what do they mean?

What is the most exertional thing that a baby of this age group does? I would answer feed. ………
Here is the diagnosis…… ALCAPA
Watch the 2 minute video below.

This is a section taken directly from the cardiac bootcamp course. Members can go to Paediatric ECGs section for more examples and videos.

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