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A little more relaxed with this blog….but it is soo important. William Osler,  is one of my heroes in medicine. He said “More is missed by not looking than by not knowing”. The one thing I teach in Clinical Examination is that we must examine and think as we do so and put it together, but sometimes it works against us. This case is a little bit of fun.

A 3 year old is sent to the emergency department by the local doctor. The complaint, a non-blanching, on the abdomen, as you can see. The GP had taken bloods on this child but had sent the child in as there was concern over a potential serious rash.

The emergency physician on the shift has had a quick look and thought about this rash, as it was a bit strange. He put a little bit of water on it and it started to run…..yes, it seems that our industrious 3 year old had spent quite a bit of time with a red marker.

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