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I’ve been emailed a few times about the ECG in 20 Seconds Method. This is an approach to reading the ECG, I put together years ago, mostly to help myself read the ECG and not miss things. There is nothing new and groundbreaking about this. It has the elements of the classic ECG approach. Some say it is too simple, but that’s its greatest strength!……
What is special about this method, is that it allows us to learn a basic algorithm, that looks for the most important ECG findings. You won’t pick up everything with this, but you will pick up those important ECG changes that will have the highest yield for your patient, like the sneaky ischaemia, differentiating a lethal from non-lethal arrhythmia. It gives you the confidence to read ECG’s.
Why did I call it ‘ECG in 20 Seconds’? Because it only takes 20 seconds to pick up the abnormalities in the 
algorithm. You can then sit down and spend a few minutes sorting them.
​Below are the basic elements. For a more detailed approach login and go to the ECG in 20 seconds page.

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