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Hello everyone, greetings and welcome.

This is a call for everyone who has asked about improving their airway skills and resus skills. The airway workshop on 25th April in Melbourne still has a few places. Have a look and let’s see you there.

This time I want you to have more and so am including the Airway DVD. For all those who have already purchased the airway DVD I will be sending you all out a bonus DVD. Yes, that’s for everyone who has purchased the Airway DVD since we produced it. Wait for it in the post.

For all of you who have not done the workshop and experienced the surgical airway on a pig’s trachea, the use of the ‘airtraq’, the intubation in a baby model, the ILMA and more more more, let’s get you along there to do it.

If you need financial assistance, we can work something out. Get these skills, have them in your armament and have the confidence to know what to do when it counts.


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