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RESUS 2010 is a two day conference totally dedicated to resuscitation. When I first started planning this conference nearly a year ago, it was obvious that there was nothing of this kind in Australia. I wanted to provide doctors, nurses and paramedics with something that they could attend within Australia and not have to travel overseas to get.

We have put together some of the most knowledgeable speakers, to talk on a range of topics from resuscitation guidelines to acute coronary syndrome, pulmonary embolism and arrhythmias, to trauma resuscitation and paediatric resuscitation and so much more. Our speakers include Dr John Katsoulis, Head of Internal Medicine at Sunshine Hospital Melbourne, Dr Clifford Tan, Emergency Physician, GP and Toxicologist, Drs Mana Ittimani and Sam Bendall from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney and many more.

This two days of immersion into resuscitation. We’ve also added hands on workshops in ECG diagnosis, Xray and CT diagnosis and a procedures workshop.

This will be the most productive and beneficial two days you will ever spend. Join us at RESUS 2010.

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