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Here is a quick and cool way to make your own airway camera.Use it  to demonstrate and teach the technique of  intubation. It costs about $100 to put together, but can be as cheap as $50 to make.

It’s amazingly effective! Part of its charm, I think, is that it looks like it’s been put together in a garage workshop, like a Delorean time machine (Back to the Future).

You can connect it to your windows computer, or if you are using a mac via photobooth or imovie and it works really well.

This is what you need:


You can then glue, or simply use tape to attach the camera to the glasses. The camera is very light, however a glass strap to hold the glasses firmly to your head is recommended.

This setup works incredibly well!

I am using it at the Advanced Airway Workshops to assist in teaching intubation.

Here is a quick look at the progression of prototypes( a lot of fun!)

Good luck with this- a simple teaching tool and perhaps a good tool, to use in getting assistance, from someone more experienced, whilst you are intubating.

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