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One of the reasons I put on the workshops in airway and resuscitation is to get the skills out to people. Here is a message I received last night from someone who recently atttended out workshop.

“From pig’s airways to the real deal 4 weeks later, and a life saved thanks to Peter Kas’s Fabulous Advanced Airway Management Course.

I recently attended Peter’s Advanced Airways Workshop in Melbourne.

What an awesome day. It was fun and extremely practical.

Today, I had the need to apply the techniques learnt in the course, all the way from bagging and masking and laryngeal masking which progressed to several unsuccessful intubation attempts despite using introducers and bougies in an unconscious chap with a pharyngeal tumour (later visible with a fibre optic device), to several unsuccessful intubation attempts by an experienced anaesthetist, who finally gave up and accepted my offer to perform a surgical airway, which, after having been shown by Peter at the course and having practiced on at least 6-8 pig’s airways, was as simple as pie (and no-one knew this was my first ever attempt until I told them after the event). 

Peter’s advanced airways course is a must for any medical practitioner exposed to emergency medicine in any way.

 Dr. Ange Marinakis | MBBS (Monash), MEI (Swinburne)



Well done, Ange.

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